Céline & Tatiana Stephan - Architecture et Mechanisme, Lebanon

Céline and Tatiana have developed a unique creative vocabulary that marries their training as architects with activism and high-craft. From Céline’s spatial and product innovations that she’s dubbed ‘Mécanismes’, to Tatiana’s exploration in yarn and textiles, the duo has honed their passions and skills to drive concepts that engage, inspire and even provoke.

In 2020, wanting to give a physical form to the outrage that wrecked the Lebanese in the aftermath of the port blast, the duo developed ‘Beirut Narratives’, a growing urban installation composed of over-sized words and sentences from collected testimonials that visualise the public - emotions, reflections and descriptions - in the form of a silent protest.

The ensuing lockdown saw Tatiana creating tapestries through self-learning, and an unyielding trial and error process that still leads to new discoveries. Céline used the months of solitude to earn a degree in sustainability and circular economy. Now, the sisters are developing upcycled design pieces and tapestries inspired by a single, alarming fact: Almost 92 million tons of textile waste is created each year. Suddenly, the calm of working with wool has been replaced by an urgency to counter climate change – shared with the world through sustainably developed textile designs. 



Experimental Topographies: Kimono 

KIMONO, 2021
Upcycled burlap



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