Christin Amann, Germany

Christin Amann is a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist and designer with a background in weaving, who challenges conventional processes by deconstructing and experimenting. With a deep-rooted passion for weaving developed during her years abroad in Greece, she aimed at merging traditional techniques with contemporary concepts. After graduating from Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin, she founded her own studio in Berlin. She has also worked under the direction of artists such as Hella Jongerius.

Her work has been exhibited in Bröhan Museum Berlin, The Finnish Glass Museum, Gewerbemuseum Dresden, among many others.Christin Amann is currently developing a project that derives its inspiration from the weaving cultures of Mediterranean Islands.



organic cotton, organic sheep wool

60 x 170 x 65 cm

The All Woven is a textile work that is entirely hand woven. In order to transition from 2-D to 3-D weaving, Christin Amann created a new customized loom that was built specifically for this piece. In contrast to the industrial process of upholstery production, where the fabric must be woven, cut, sewn, and stuffed in order to achieve form and dimension, “The All Woven” is totally reduced to the process of weaving. It emerges seamless, without stitches, glue, or any other affixing agent, a perfect closed circle.


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