Daniel Costa, Italy

Daniel Costa, Italy

Daniel was born in Brixen, South-Tyrol, where he spent his childhood. To him, the valleys seemed narrow, viewless and foggy so at 19 he went in search for something different. His first destination was the Netherlands, to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He spent years learning and experimenting in a place of creativity, stimulation and exploration. By 2012 he had established a diverse portfolio of interests, skills, and experiences with a focus on ceramics and textiles, v graduating Cum Laude from the Man and Leisure department. Filled with creativity and an urge to face work he moved in 2013 to Paris. There I worked for 5 years as the creative assistant of Lidewij Edelkoort, observing and absorbing, traveling the world, giving lectures, teaching at universities whilst learning about textile, image and creative consulting.  In 2018 he went in search for a fitting Master program, and instead found a love for textile. He journeyed to India and then to Nepal, seeking surroundings, people, animals, and land that in symbiosis could help him to develop his first collection of rugs. Nepal gave him the nourishment he was seeking and surprisingly reconnected him to the mountains of South Tyrol, where he lives and works to this day.



Man with Glove, 2023 (commissioned especially for DESIGNEAST)

Rotting Bird in Late Winter, 2023 (commissioned especially for DESIGNEAST)

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