Inaash Foundation, Palestine and Lebanon

Inaash Foundation, Palestine and Lebanon

For over 50 years, Inaash Foundation has worked to support the social and economic betterment of women Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. By finding new outlet and applications to their historic embroidery, the foundation, that was established by Huguette Bechara El Khoury, has empowered over 2000 women in refugee camps across the Levantine region.

Producing high-quality artisanal objects – that range from fashion to furniture and home décor – each piece is an assimilation of Palestinian heritage, expressed through its distinctive embroidery. Today the foundation’s in-house designers collaborate with a raft of local and international artists Nada Debs, Rabih Keyrouz, Dina Kamal, Mira Hayek and Jason Steel amongst others – who, inspired by the remarkable archive of samples culled from traditional dresses and costumes, create contemporary pieces that are coveted by discerning collectors across continents and support Palestinian refugees.



Symbols of Yafa, 2016
Canvas and cotton 

The vibrant colored panel consists of different symbols from the Palestinian town of Yafa and it also consists of candle sticks from Gaza and a few stars from Bethlehem. Symbols of Yafa, was designed by one of Inaash’s pillars Mrs. Malak Al Husseini who is today willingly retired and is above 90 years old.This piece took Mrs. Jameeleh Salem a 65 years old lady from Mar Elias camp in Lebanon, over180 days to embroider this master piece. The size of this panel is 147cm in length and 88cm width, and it took over 900 meters of colored threads.Jameeleh visited Inaash’s offices every Saturday for 6 months upon the wishes of Mrs. Malak; the later asked for these scheduled visits to be religious, so that she could check and alter every stitch to make sure the piece turns out as amazing as it is today.

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