Maryam Yousuf Al Homaid, Qatar

Maryam Yousuf Al Homaid, Qatar

An interdisciplinary designer and creative educator, Maryam Yousuf Al Homaid spent her childhood at her father, the acclaimed artist Yousef Ahmed’s studio, surrounded by tools, materials, and paint.

Maryam has witnessed the dynamic economic and social changes in the Middle East and specifically, Qatar, that has afforded her the ability to connect the present with the past and imagine a future through her exploratory artistic work. Rather than merely exalting the nostalgia of days gone by, her interactive installations convey concepts of change by marrying tech with craft.

Her latest work explores the unique transformation of the region through textile and interiors. Maryam's creations have been showcased in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, and most recently, in New York, as part of the Years of Culture initiative by Qatar Museums.



A handwoven visual scroll depicting the most recent monumental highways (Sabah Al-Ahmad highway, 5th of June monument, Lusail bridge) that have appeared in Doha. Their names are artistically presented using a typeface specifically designed to embrace the theme, size and format of the artwork.

The Pipe Rug, 2023

This textile work is a vibrant and
dynamic representation of Qatar’s urban
landscape, specifically its bustling
construction sites. inspiration comes
from one of the most common and
essential elements found in these sites
- pipes. Using a minimalistic approach
and bold, eye-catching colors, this
artwork includes a striking visual
representation of these pipes that are
so integral to the construction
In addition to the pipes, the rug also
features a couple of trucks that are
carrying these large-scale pipes,
adding a sense of movement and action
to the piece. The choice of
contemporary graphics allows for a
fresh take on traditional carpet-making
techniques and is a reflection of
unique perspective on Qatar’s rapidly
evolving urban landscape.

100% hand woven - hand-dyed

108 x 210cm


El-Wakrah, 2023

A handwoven visual scroll that
showcases the most iconic building in
Al Wakrah City (Al Wakra Roundabout
depicting a pearl monument that used
to be located at the entrance of the
city. The monument currently exists
in Al Wakra Souq) The textile work
also includes the unique coordinates
number assigned to the city of Al

100% handwoven wool - hand-dyed
150 x 200 cm



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