As patron of our activities in 2023, Alserkal Initiatives have been integral in bringing the DESIGNEAST vision to life. From hosting us at Alserkal Avenue for our launch show (Un)common Threads to sponsoring our presence at Nomad Capri in June 2023. They continue to offer support and advice as well as a platform for us to tell the stories of artists, designers and makers from across the Global South.

Alserkal Avenue is the main creative and cultural hub within the Middle East, but more crucially is the beating heart of a community that celebrates art and design and all growing elements of the region's multifaceted energies and identities into a cohesive and supportive environment.





  • Editorial

    Current columnist, seasoned editor and publishing brand builder, with expertise in design, art, craft, materiality and sustainability

  • Advocacy

    Spokesperson, ambassador and advocate of sustainable design initiatives, design brands and art and craft practitioners

  • Advisor

    Experienced strategist in Creative Industries, with a focus on Middle East, India and Africa. Helping international brands to enter new markets effectively