Karin Venema

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These creatures are created in collaboration with beytby2design, up-cycling vintage Indian sarees. The body of the creature is made with papier-mâché, various fabrics, and the saree which is stitched to the piece. “When I make them I think of all the hand labour that went into embroidering these saree’s and that women have been sewing and embroidering by hand since the middle ages,” says Venema. “It gives me a feeling of being connected to women across time, geography, cultures and civilizations”. Alongside photographs of the final mockup, the artist develops a clear set of instructions which enable women artisans of today in recreating Venema’s work with precision and exactitude.

Various textiles, lace, wool, faux leather, PVC, with machine and hand embroidery, felting and crochet

21-22-22 cm 187 gr