Maryam Al Homaid (Qatar)

Belief Weaves: Dual Realities

"Embrace the art of seeing through your own lens —whether it's the vivid truth or the enchanting realms of imagination, for in that perspective, lies the unique tapestry of your reality."

Belief Weaves : Dual Realities is a textile creation is a reflection of the diverse lenses through which people perceive life—whether rooted in a truth perspective or woven into the realms of imagination. The geometric design encapsulates this dichotomy, featuring the word 'truth' in designed in a contemporary Arabic format on one half and 'imagination' on the other in a contemporary fusion. With a versatile two-way hanging system, the rug allows you to choose the orientation reflecting on one’s perspective, and the long threads at the end elegantly conceal one word, unveiling a narrative shaped by your unique views.”

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