Shoson Thatawakorn, Thailand

Shoson Thatawakorn, Thailand

Shoson was born in 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand. From a young age, this self-reclaimed ‘scientist’ experimented with fire and chemical reactions, exploring the beauty in nature. In 1996, his passion for creation led him to study ceramics and textile art. In 2003, he earned a master’s degree in business, in Australia.

Shoson worked for a luxury furniture company from 2006 to 2012, where he honed his skills in fine materials such as bronze, mother of pearl, Japanese lacquer, and marquetry. He then decided to start his own company: Ausara in 2013. Shoson’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions, luxury hotels and boutique properties.



The Dawn, 2023
Flamed copper fabric
2.5-3m x 1.5-3m

It's all about the uncertainty of everything around us; all materials have existed and will continue to exist regardless of what we do with them.

The artworks are created using thin sheets of copper fabric.

To get those leaves, I used flames to change the color, stitch, and shape. Arranging to show the movements, falling, and aging. All of the changes have nothing to do with copper.

The Dawn is made up of 14 hand-plated leaves that are framed with small stainless steel wire.


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