Studio Bazazo (Lebanon)


In a country where it seems as though one only has possession of a temporary pass, people are in a

constant state of transit, always coming in and out, with stability not being something which is a given. Your time here feels fleeting and transient, as if a pit stop in the grander scheme of things.

Although there is a strong cultural identity, and a sense of belonging, there is an ephemeral undertone which facilitates an uprooting, and feelings that you must leave to be able to have a sense of normalcy. This upheaval feels almost instilled within everyone, as a “right of passage” causing a huge exodus especially at times of instability and chaos. These seasons of migration can be mapped throughout Lebanon’s turbulent history and tagged to specific periods of time.

However there has always been a maintained link where cycles are created of back and forth movement. With people bringing back acquired knowledge and applying it locally.

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