Kesara x Selyn Textiles, Sri Lanka


Kesara Ratnavibhushana is a mid-career artist, photographer, creative consultant & visiting lecturer. With over 16 years of experience in artistic & commercial photography he is dedicated to detailed & consistently fresh approaches to his projects & collaborations. Currently based in Sri Lanka, he has been commissioned on a variety of reportages from London to Melbourne. He just concluded three regional shoots for Rolex SA, presented work as part of the British Council’s Net//Work residency and exhibition in the UK, & is working on blockchain awareness in Sri Lanka. He most recently curated Sri Lanka’s first NFT exhibition The Brilliant Resilient for platform The Upside Space platform.


Based firmly on 30 years of commitment to fair trade and sustainability, Selyn Textiles was born from a desire to bring Sri Lankan handloom to the world stage.

While the island nation’s 2500-year history of weaving has been under threat, Sleyn Textiles promises to raise awareness and nurture local artisans by developing a collection of intricately handwoven, cruelty-free textiles with cutting-edge blockchain technology ensuring greater transparency to the hands that weave it.



The Unfolding Tesseract

As a Sri Lankan born artist-curator and photographer, Kesara Ratnavibhushana captures the essence and inspiration which becomes The Unfolding Tesseract. A tactile and visual narrative that explores the expression of emotion through colour and how it combines to reflect the influence of the four leading female figures of his life. The interlacement of emotions, personal encounters, relationship and impression each unique, as unique as each fibre and yarn that spun together create the bonding strength. Four still images from this project have been curated by Kesara for reproduction as 8 foot high fine art canvas tapestries that will be on display at the (Un) Common Threads exhibition at Alserkal Art Week 2023.

The Intersection of Wisdom & Purity, 2022
Giclee Print on to Handloom Fabric

Sunkissed Symphony, 2023
Giclee Print on Artistic Matte Canvas

Contracting Universe, 2022
Giclee Print on Artistic Matte Canvas

Expanding Universe, 2022
Giclee Print on Artistic Matte Canvas

Centre Movement
Giclee Print on Artistic Matte Canvas

The Unfolding Tesseract, 2021/2022
Digital Video Art Piece 1/1



The Unfolding Sun, 2022
23 Seconds 2560x1440p

The Folding Warp, 2023
14 Seconds 2560x1440p

The Threaded Fire, 2022
14 Seconds 2560x1440p

NFTs can be purchased from Foundation


For more information, images and purchase enquiry, please email 

Instagram: @selynfairtrade


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