Celine and Tatiana Stephan






  1. The Odd Piece, UAE

    Founded in Dubai in 2013 by Saudi entrepreneur Arwa Hafiz, The Odd Piece offers an exclusive collection of striking and inspiring pieces, creating ...
  2. Xuefeng Chen, China and France

    Xuefeng Chen's mixed-media work weaves a visual link between her native Yunnan in China, and Lyon, her adopted home in France where she has lived a...
  3. Zak Ové, UK and Trinidad

    Zak Ové is a multi-disciplinary artist working in film, sculpture and photography to reclaim old world mythologies through contenmporary source mat...
  4. Nayla Al-Mulla, Qatar

    An artist, educator and fashion brand consultant, Nayla studied Fashion Design at VCUQ and went on to specialize in Pattern-Making and Garment Prod...